Our team

Meet our Super Rehab team!

We are a team of experienced and innovative therapists working in your local community. We are all passionate about finding the path that works best for you, on your road to the optimal function and reach your potential! 

Peter Geng


Director | Senior Occupational Therapist

Peter completed Bachelor of Medicine in China and Master of Occupational Therapy in University of Sydney. He has been working as an Occupational Therapist since 2011 in  community-base service and acute-care hospital. Peter specialises in neurological condition, cognitive function retraining, complex equipment and complex home modification assessment and review.  

Language: English, Mandarin

Tina Tung


Health Service Manager

Tina completed Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in University of Sydney. Tina has worked over 10 years with her expertise in developing, marketing and managing community aged care services including CHSP, HCP & community-based brokerage services.  

Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Karen Williamson


Senior Occupational Therapist

Karen trained as an Occupational Therapist in Northern Ireland over 30 years ago and worked as a Senior Community OT in Ireland for many years. Karen has worked in the Disability and Aged Care sectors in Sydney for over 11 years. Her main areas of expertise are with complex home modifications,  complex equipment prescription, falls prevention and pressure injury prevention.

Language: English 

Sarah Li


Occupational Therapist

Sarah completed Bachelor of Applied Science (OT) Honours at University of Sydney. Sarah has been working with adults and older adults with disability in the community since 2016. Over the years, Sarah has extensive experience with falls prevention education, simple and complex assistive technology prescription and complex home modification recommendation. 

Language: English, Mandarin

Nadia Loguch


Occupational Therapist

Since graduating from the University of Newcastle in 2014, Nadia has enjoyed working with people of all ages who have complex physical and intellectual disabilities to achieve their goals. Whether a person needs equipment, home modifications or support with developing their skills for daily living, Nadia has the skills to work together with them and the important people in their life to ensure they are as independent as possible.

Language: English 

Rujun Qiang


Rujun graduated from Master of Occupational Therapy from University of Sydney after completion of Bachelor of Medicine in China. Rujun starting working as a nurse in Sydney and later changed her career and worked as an Occupational Therapist. She has worked in rehab hospital and community based OT service. Rujun specialises in aged care rehab, upper limb training, assistive technology, home modification.

Language: English, Mandarin

Melanie Munoz


Melanie completed Master of Occupational Therapy in University of Sydney, and she has been working in private rehabilitation hospital and NSWHealth community based services since 2011. Melanie has extensive experience with post-acute rehab and home-based rehab after hospital discharge. 

Language: English

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Kevin Fong


Senior Physiotherapist

Kevin graduated from Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) with Honours from University of Sydney in 2012. Kevin has worked extensively with the elderly, neurological and orthopaedic population. Over the years he has gained extensive experience with falls prevention and functional rehabilitation.

Language: English

Emma Swan



Emma completed her Physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney in 2010. She has worked in acute care, rehabilitation hospitals and community settings in both Sydney and London. Her main interests are aged care and neurological rehabilitation.

Language: English

Amy Bowyer



Amy completed a Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Western Sydney in 2015. Amy has since worked in a number of hospital and aged care roles and has developed a passion for neurological and aged care physiotherapy.

Language: English

Kris Zheng



Kris graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor degree of Physiotherapy. He has interest and extensive experience in the management of chronic pain, musculoskeletal pain, and geriatric and neurological rehabilitation. Kris uses a “hands-on” manual approach and functional rehabilitation to achieve treatment goals.

Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Ivy Luo



Ivy completed Bachelor of Medicine in China and Master of Physiotherapy in University of Sydney. Ivy has been providing Physiotherapy service for people from multicultural background for over 5 years. She has extensive experience working in clinic settings, as well as on site or home visit service for elderly and clients with disabilities.

Language: English, Mandarin

Lujia Liao



Lulu completed Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) in University of Sydney. Lulu has started physiotherapy career since 2015 with experience working in private clinics and aged care facilities. Lulu brings along a focus on overall physical assessments and effective rehabilitation at client's home. 

Language: English, Mandarin

Deman Xia



Deman graduated from Master of Physiotherapy at University of Sydney and worked as a community Physiotherapist. She practiced in both public hospitals and private clinic in Sydney for past three years. Deman's main areas are exercise prescriptions based on individual conditions, fall prevention and musculoskeletal pain. 

Language: English, Mandarin

Roger Yin



Roger graduated from University of Sydney, Master of Physiotherapy in 2013. Roger has been providing physiotherapy service in the past 5 years, and he has accumulated experience in treating various diseases and conditions. Roger is enthusiastic in helping client’s recovery, improving their functional capacity and daily activities.

Language: English, Mandarin

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Lisa Vuong


Exercise Physiologist

Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology from University of New South Wales in 2013. She holds a Mental Health First Aid and has a keen interest in biomechanics and gait retraining. 

Language: English, Vietnamese

Leon Tao


Exercise Physiologist

Leon completed Bachelor of Exercise Physiology in University of New South Wales. Leon has strong interest in providing rehabilitation services and chronic disease management (such as diabetes, osteoarthritis,osteoporosis, post-stoke rehabilitation, Parkinson's disease) and has clinical experience with different age groups. 

Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Cheryl Ng


Exercise Physiologist

Cheryl completed Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at University of New South Wales. She specialises in assisting people with various injuries and chronic diseases achieve a better quality of life. Her mission is to educate and motivate patients with their recovery and empower them towards self-management. 

Language: English, Mandarin

Melinda Lu



Melinda completed Master of Nutrition and Dietetics in Sydney University and has been working as a clinical dietitian for the past 6 years. She has extensive experience and specialises in chronic disease management, weight loss, pregnancy nutrition management, infant and children's nutrition, allergy management, and general wellbeing for different life stages.

Language: English, Mandarin

Rachel Granter


Speech Pathologist 

Rachel graduated from Sydney University Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) in 1992 and has completed training in autism , literacy, adult learning and counselling. She has specialised in paediatrics working with early childhood and primary school aged children and brings a variety of professional experiences to the assessment and treatment of children.

Language: English

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