NDIS & SUper Rehab


What is NDIS

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding support to approved participants in order to help them achieve their goals and help them work towards increased independence, participation in work/education and community involvement. 


We are NDIS Registered

Super Rehab is a registered NDIS provider to provide Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services and we provide allied health service to NDIA managed, plan managed and self-managed participants. Super Rehab is passionate about partnering with NDIS participants to deliver effective and evidence-based interventions. Our practice is built on innovation and outside the box thinking and we have consistently delivered improvement for our NDIS participants. 


We Can Help You

Our therapists have worked hard to keep up to date on ways to navigate the NDIS system as efficiently as possible and will work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals. Our therapists are able to complete comprehensive assessments and reports prior to your NDIS planning meeting to ensure that all of your physical and functional needs are considered in the planning meeting and included in your next NDIS plan. 


We Proudly Provide

  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Dietetics
  • Speech Pathology 
  • Multidisciplinary Team Review
  • Other services available soon


Why Choose Super Rehab

  • We focus on clients’ individual strengths
  • We use person-centered and holistic approach
  • We perform evidence-based practice
  • We provide prompt service response and delivery
  • We maintain timely communication with client, doctor and service coordinator


NDIS Code of Conduct

The NDIS Code of Conduct Guidance for Providers provides guidance to us as a NDIS registered provider, about complying with the NDIS Code of Conduct. The guidance provides information and examples about what the Code of Conduct means in  our day-to-day practice, within our clinic and gym and during our home-based therapy sessions. 


Multidisciplinary Team Approach

Our multidisciplinary team (MDT) provides a forum for our therapists working closely with NDIS participants to discuss treatment planning and make recommendations based on best available evidence. Within MDT, we have a high standard of communication and decision-making processes to ensure the quality of NDIS participant care and improvement of outcomes. 


Super Rehab Home-Based Therapy

We provide allied health therapy service and treatment in the comfort of your home. It is easier on you and your family without worrying about transport to the clinics; it also helps you recover, relearn and adapt in your familiar environment – your home.


Super Rehab Clinic

We provide clinic and gym based services for one-to-one consultation and assessment, group therapy and individual therapy sessions.Our clinic and gym are designed to cater for a range of needs and our experienced therapists will work closely with each individual on their goals that allow them to lead a more independent, functional and meaningful life.


Feedback and Complaint

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our quality of care and services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you wish to give us feedback or make a complaint. You can also ask a family member, friend or advocate to help you make a complaint.   

If you are not satisfied or do not want to talk to us, you can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency for further information. ​