Welcome to Super Rehab

Super Rehab provides therapy at home for clients’ convenience and privacy. We are passionate about partnering with our clients in the community to deliver effective and evidence-based interventions. Super Rehab is built on innovation and outside the box thinking which consistently delivers improvement for our clients. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of each and every client. 

Our Mission

Help clients with physical and mental disability and support aged and elderly to participate in their daily activities and community-based activities.

Our Values


We proudly provide

Occupational Therapy


Our Occupational Therapists will be able to help our clients in the following aspects:

- Functional tasks retraining (self-care, meal preparation, community access)

- Cognitive capacity assessment and cognitive retraining

- Minor home modification (grabrail in bathroom, handrail, hobless shower, ramp)

- Complex home modification (wheelchair accessible bathroom)

- Equipment prescription (cushion, wheelchair, bathroom equipment, assistive device in daily life)

- Falls prevention assessment and education at home

- Carer manual handling training



Our Physiotherapists will be able to help our clients in the following aspects:

- Physical rehabilitation after surgery (joint replacement, heart surgery, brain surgery)

- Neurological illness management (stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, CMT)

- Pain management and prevention

- Exercise regimen to improve coordination, balance, ambulation, muscle strength

- Chronic disease management (cardiac or pulmonary illnesses)

- Massage, joint manipulation, and electrical stimulation

Exercise Physiology


Our Exercise Physiologists will be able to help our clients in the following aspects:

- Evaluation of overall health

- Individualised exercise plan

- Management and prevention of chronic health conditions and injuries

- Accelerated recovery and return to function

- Post-surgical rehabilitation (hip / knee / other joint surgeries)

- Neuromuscular exercise therapy (multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease)

- Chronic pain and fatigue management at home



Our Dietitians will be able to help our clients in the following aspects:

- Assessment on nutritional needs

- Advice on food and nutrition information, to support people to improve their health

- Developing menus to meet a person's nutritional needs

- Individualised eating plans that consider medical conditions and personal circumstances

- Health and nutrition education programs and seminars 

Speech Pathology


Our Speech Pathologist will be able to help our clients in the following aspects:

- Diagnose and treat communication disorders, including expressive and receptive language issues, speech issues (i.e. not pronouncing certain sounds), stuttering.

- Help people who has difficulty swallowing food and drink safely 

Multidisciplinary Team


Our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) provides a forum for our therapists working closely with our clients to discuss treatment planning and make recommendations based on best available evidence. Within MDT, we have a high standard of communication and decision-making processes to ensure the quality of  client-centred care and improvement of outcomes.