"The client called earlier to express her thanks and gratitude for Saturday’s assessment. She was very impressed with OT & extremely grateful to have it finally done as she had issues with previous provider requests. Thank you! Appreciate all you do for these clients."

Home Care Coordinator 

"I am very impressed with Ivy particularly in motivating my husband (who can be moody at times!) in carrying out simple exercises and she thoroughly worked with the (care facility) staff. Overall I am very satisfied and happy with Ivy's visit and I am hopeful that with (care facility) staff continuing at least 10mins a day on these simple lower body exercises, he will strengthen his muscles and may be able to stand on his own and take a few steps !!!! Please convey my heartful appreciation to Ivy and Peter. With their assistance, I may be able to meet one of his NDIS goals ie strengthening lower part of his body."

NDIS participant's wife

"I wish to stress the service provided by Amy is greatly appreciated. In fact I am very happy with the service she provided and the guidance and advice she has given."

Home Care Client

"The results have made a difference for the client, she has commented to me that she feels it the sessions have been effective. AND … she really likes Helen."

Home Care Coordinator 

"I visited Margaret yesterday and she commented on benefitting from Kris's visits.  She told me no longer needs to use a walking stick around the home and she is able to walk unassisted to the end of her street and back.  She seemed pleased with her progress."

Home Care Coordinator 

"Thank you very much for your informative presentation.  Positive feedback well received from the participants."

Stepping On Facilitator