What is Home Care

Home care is a consumer direct care service for people over 65 years-old. Eligible persons can access the package funding for them to stay at home with support and services they need. This includes but not limit to personal care, nursing, allied health therapy services, domestic assistance, meal preparation, transport, in-home respite and etc.  As a consumer, you do have a choice and right to make your own decision to find your service providers to meet your needs.  


Home Care Package

Home Care Package (HCP) is a government subsidised coordinated package of care and services to help you to live at home. It is designed for people who need help with many everyday tasks, or the care you need is more complex and intensive.  Everyone’s care needs are different, there are four levels of Home Care Package for different care and support needs, with different amount of funding, covering basic basic care needs to high care needs. 


Levels of Home Care Package

Level 4 – High care needs – approx. $50,900 a year

Level 3 – Intermediate care needs – approx. $33,600 a year

Level 2 – Low care needs – approx. $15,400 a year

Level 1 – Basic care needs – approx. $8,750 a year

There are a few different ranges of supplements you may be able to apply in order to add extra funding into your existing HCP such as Dementia and Cognition and Veterans’ supplement.  Please discuss with your HCP case manager / advisor to find out more.


Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) offers entry level of support at your home or in the community to help you live independently and safely. It is designed to people who feel a little support could improve your safety, wellbeing, and independence at home. CHSP work with you to maintain your independence at home rather than doing things for you. 


How to access HCP / CHSP

Anyone can contact My Aged Care (MAC) on 1800 200 422 to make a referral, including yourself. MAC staff will ask questions about yourself and will provide you a unique ID number. RAS assessor will conduct a face-to-face assessment and make a recommendation for CHSP service you need. RAS assessor will refer you to Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) if your needs are higher than CHSP. ACAT assessor will arrange a face-to-face home visit appointment to assess your eligibility to access the level of home care package. 


We Can Help You

We are working closely with home care providers and we have been providing high quality allied health services to their clients. Our therapists are able to complete comprehensive assessments and reports to ensure that all of your physical and functional needs are considered in your home care package.


For Home Care Providers (CHSP and HCP)

We would like to build new connection and partnership with home care providers. If you are a Home Care provider and would like to find out more about the services we provide at Super Rehab, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to speak further with you.


Super Rehab Home-Based Therapy

We provide allied health therapy service and treatment in the comfort of your home. It is easier on you and your family without worrying about transport to the clinics; it also helps you recover, relearn and adapt in your familiar environment – your home.


Super Rehab Clinic

We provide clinic and gym based services for one-to-one consultation and assessment, group therapy and individual therapy sessions.Our clinic and gym are designed to cater for a range of needs and our experienced therapists will work closely with each individual on their goals that allow them to lead a more independent, functional and meaningful life.